Time Travel Is Pointless.

Life is a mixture of all the feelings required to be felt by a man,it’s a complete ride filled with unexpected events and unforeseen occurrences.The very unpredictability of the circumstances we face in our lives is what makes life a fun ride.Not knowing what might happen the next moment,not knowing whom we might meet,not knowing whom we might end up falling in love with is what brings tone to our very existence. Time travel destroys it all.Moreover,the idea of time travel is cheating in the game of life.Yeah,time travel might have saved a few lives,it might have helped us take back a few words and it might have helped us undo a few things we’ve done wrong ,but it will never help us learn and grow.

I feel the very cause of growth and development is pain.The reason we become or at least try to become better than what we were earlier is because we feel the need to change,we feel the pain of making a mistake and we decide to change and become something better than what we once were.Time travel kills it all.It kills the pain of committing a mistake because we can undo all of them instantly and thus we never feel the need to change and grow into something better and thus man will go on committing mistakes and acting foolish all his life,eventually turning the human race into dull ,witless and empty-headed moronic creatures.

The most distinctive attribute possessed by human race is the ability to change and adapt to situations and develop into something beautiful making mankind the most intelligent of species.But once time travel takes over,everything we once could boast of would be lost making mankind an ignorant and unwise race of species.Time travel feeds the curious souls of mankind but the very essence of life is lost in the idea of time travel.

Enjoy the unpredictability life has to offer because that’s what makes life interesting.



Excuses burn your dreams to ashes.

It takes heart to get back up on your feet,it takes courage
to start all over again.It might take all you’ve got to
recover from the treading life has given you.But trust me
my friend,you’ve got all of it inside,you’ve got all it takes
buried deep inside you so stop whining about whatever is
done,stop talking about what you should’ve done and start
thinking about what you should do now to be where you
wanted to be.
Remember,you are where you are because of the choices
you made in the past.There is no one you can blame,no one
you can depend on and there is no one who can get it done
for you.Your current situation in life is a result of your
previous decisions and you can’t point your finger at
somebody and say that you are not where you wanted to be
because of him or her.You take the credit for your victory
and you take the blame for your loss.
When life tramples you,you’ve got a choice,you can lie
down in the mud until the mites eat you or you can decide
to get back up and wage a war knowing that you will have
to fall again and go through the process all over
again.Giving up is easy,it’s the easiest thing one can
do,which is exactly why being normal is more common.
There’s one thing you want to teach yourself,if you are
making an excuse for not being able to be where you
want to be ,you are burning your dream down with your own hands.

-Henry Jones Gidla

Crave for monsoon

The first rays of summer you see
Oh! So beautiful and glee!
The frost bite is healed.
And the sweaters can be concealed.
Oh! How beautiful are the days.
How beautiful is the change!

The Brooks waiting to revive.
Along the beach is where we survive.
The crops are waiting for a shower.
Empty pockets for the long electric bills to cover.
Clouds we see none.
Someone kindly hide us from the sun.
Oh! I want a change.
From the Sun’s constant rage.

The Earth welcomes the monsoon with its sweet smell.
The dark clouds have already cast their spell.
Footballers enjoying the playground slush.
Samosas and Jalebis giving us the adrenaline rush.
It’s the right time for long rides.
The perfect rainbow reminding us that God still abides.
Oh! How beautiful are the days!
How beautiful is the change.

The washer men cry.
Cause their clothes wouldn’t dry.
Earthworms, centipedes and leeches.
New potholes, the road unleashes.
Light colored clothes, out of my mind I threw.
Can you escape the zombie fever and flu?
Oh! I want a change.
Rains, you have now gone estrange.

For better can fast fade to worse.
Life asks for things diverse.
Is it the monsoon that we crave for?
Or the change that we yearn for?

-Susan Grace Paul

Hardwork = Success?

Hardwork might increase your chances of success but it will not guarantee success.

The biggest lesson I have learnt is, the only one lesson that matters is, learning a lesson the hard way only counts as learning.I have known these lessons the whole time but I actually did not know them,if you can understand the pun intended.There are many ways in which you can learn a lesson.The hard way is one of them,and I think you cannot count a lesson as learnt unless you learn it the hard way.Throw yourself out in the middle,take the hits,fall down and get trampled in the mud,because only then you can learn the lessons,the lessons of life.When you fail,it hurts.It hurts to lose.It hurts to keep moving forward when you are disappointed.

It’s hard to find the motivation,it’s hard to keep grinding when you know you need to repeat the same old thing over and over again.But that is what life is all about,success is all about getting used to the pain.It is about getting used to the grind.It’s about getting used to the frustration.It’s about the battle against the temptation to give in,the battle against the temptation to give up.The more pain you can take,the more chances you have to be successful.Finally the desire to win is all it takes. cheers🙂

-Henry Jones Gidla

Hang on, it’s going to pass!

Each and every individual has been given the ability to
think,the ability to observe,the ability to feel and the ability to
sustain those feelings.
The finest steel had to go through the hottest fire,similarly
the best of you is brought out of you when you are sent
through trials and tribulations.
Humans are hard-wired to live with company and that is why
it feels good to share your feelings with those around
you.But it always does not work that way.You don’t get to
share how you feel all the time and that’s when you start
The best writers in the history of mankind have been the
loneliest individuals who had to go through fire.
I never used to write,but now I write because I’m full and
I’m overflowing and if I don’t write I’ll explode one day like
a can of soda.
It’s okay to live alone,It’s okay to grind alone and i think it’s
okay to write instead of talking to people because one day
your trials will end,you will be taken out of the fire and you
will be made into something beautiful and on that day you’d
wish you would’nt have shared it with anyone because you
are out of the fire and it does not matter anymore. HOLD

-Henry Jones Gidla

Why is pain necessary?

Why is pain necessary?
Let’s say there is something you want to accomplish, something
you want to achieve, and you start grinding for it. You employ a
certain strategy for reaching that goal, you don’t know if it’s
going to work, you don’t know if it’s the right method of action
but you start off on that path. You worked hard day and
night, and yet you failed.

You don’t know what went wrong and you don’t know why you
failed, but there’s one thing you’re sure of, your effort lacked
something which was why you lost.

So now, how much ever hard you try using the same
method, the same strategy, you’re not going to reach your goal
because you’ve already tried it once and you know it’s not
going to work.

So what do you do? You change, you employ another
strategy, another method of action. But is it going to be easy?
Is is that easy to change as and when thought of? NO
And that’s where pain comes in, it hurts to fail but that pain
was created to help you change, to help you realize that the
path you’ve chosen previously was not the right path, or your
level of hard work was not enough or whatever it might be.
You will succeed somehow, however long it might take.
But you need to change, you need to grow, you need to learn
and for that you need to endure pain.

Because once you find the right rhythm, the right
momentum, once you are made into something better than you
once were, you will be glad you went through that pain which
brought about this change in you.

-Henry Jones Gidla


Just a glimpse of you
Can bring a smile

Just a glimpse of you
Can make me weep

Just a glimpse of you
Can burn me to ashes

Just a glimpse of you
Can build me from the scratches

Just a glimpse
Can fasten my heart’s pace

Just a glimpse
And I stand still in-between the race

Just a glimpse
Can build a whole goddamn forest in my stomach

Just a glimpse
And all my emotions will run amok

Just a glimpse
To flash past, present and future on my mind

Just a glimpse
Into the clutches of memories, will it make me rebind

Just a glimpse of you
That’s all I needed to write this today

Just a glimpse
Let me have it sometime, everyday.

-Susan Grace Paul